My preview of Obama’s SOTU: From our Dictator-in-Chief

This brief post, in the interest of saving you save time and trouble, is a condensed digestobama-the-dictator-1-12-2013 of what President Obama will lay out in his SOTU speech tonight. Fortunately, I’m one of the few to channel Obama’s thoughts and I know in advance what he’s going to say this evening. Here goes:

This is our guy, our President, our esteemed dictator. He will double-down on all his failed policies. Maybe it was Einstein who said that you continue to do the same thing and expect different results, you’re insane. So from the Oval Office of Insanity, expect to hear more of the same proposals that we’ve heard for the past 5 yrs. 

Obama_state-of-union2There will be the usual reference to rebuilding our infrastructure with “shovel-ready” projects (however, he’ll neglect to tell us one minor detail–that every project will need 3000 permits before work can commence.)

Along these lines, Obama will strike a conciliatory tone with Congress. He’ll do the “bait and switch” routine. I want to work with congress (so that he sounds bi-partisan) but if I can’t (and we know that he doesn’t want to) I’ll go it alone and make some unilateral decisions, otherwise known as “executive orders.” This end-run around Congress,  which is charged in the Constitution with “making the laws” is another effort on Obama’s part to ignore the checks and balances of the Constitution. One would think that our “so-called” constitutional scholar in the Oval Office would know this, but chances are, he was smoking some weed (by his own admission) when they covered that subject at Harvard law.

When he references Congress, listen for this great line from his advisor, Dan Pfeiffer: “We need to show the American people that we can get something done.” Where has he been for the past 5 yrs? In another country? Or just out playing golf? Don’t bother answering these two rhetorical questions. ObamaLyingtoAMerica_Pix

You won’t hear Obama reference his “over-used” popularism line, “Income inequality” and instead, he’ll opt for a more positive term, “opportunity.” Listen for the word “opportunity” to be used twenty or thirty times throughout his SOTU tonight. However, when Obama says “opportunity”, that’s “code” for more government spending, new government programs, more handouts, and mandating fairness by making companies hire those who are dunces and brain-dead just to give them an opportunity.

Obama_the_dictator2Obama will mention education as always, but this just be another bone thrown to the government educators and education unions. He always wants to give government teachers more money so that can continue to graduate students who can’t read, write, spell, do math, speak English, or tell time– they certainly don’t know anything about the history of our nation. But all high school grads have been inculcated in the subject of victimization, and well as the evils of the United States and capitalism. They also have a firm grasp on carbon pollution, and how evil companies like BP and Exxon are polluting this planet.

To summarize Obama’s thoughts in the State of the Union tonight: 

  • The Constitution? Who needs it when you can rule by decree? 
  • A Government of Laws? Who needs it when you can rule by decree? 
  • Separation of Powers? Who needs it when you can rule by decree? 

President Obama will emphasize his intention to use a unilateral presidential authority, and he plans to bypass Congress whenever necessary. Now who will define “necessary”? That’s the role of dictators. That’s the role of our dictator-in-chief, Barack Obama. You can rename the SOTU to the State of the Coup, since we now a Dictator running our country.

















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