John Kerry’s Global Warming Tour Generates 12 Tons of CO2

John Kerry's Global Warming Tour

John Kerry’s Global Warming Tour

How did we luck out? We not only have a Secretary of State who is a decorated war hero (he fought in Vietnam as he has told us on many occasions, and received the purple heart for a self-inflicted wound), but who knew that he was also a scientist. Who would’ve thought? I didn’t even know this resume enhancement until just a week ago Sunday when he  compared the threat of climate change to the threat of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, all on based on the notion that climate change is “settled science.” But, not everyone agrees that the science is as settled as Kerry (otherwise known as Sec. of Ineptitude Clouseau) says.

There is NO such thing as consensus in science.

Fred Singer (Austrian born American physicist and professor of environmental science at the Univ. of Virginia. See below for more info on Prof. Singer’s credentials) writes:

“If scientific consensus exists, it’s manufactured. Science does not work by way of consensus. Science does not progress by appeal to authority. In fact, many of the major scientific advances usually come from outside the consensus; one can cite many classic examples, from Galileo to Einstein….In other words, the very notion of a scientific consensus is unscientific.”

Dr.  S. Fred Singer

Dr. S. Fred Singer

Dr. Singer goes on to say,

“Thanks to the revelations of the Climategate e-mails, we now have a more skeptical view about the process which is used to vet publications.  We know now that peer-review, once considered by many as the ‘gold-standard,’ can be manipulated — and in fact has been manipulated by a gang of UK and US climate scientists who have been very open about their aim to keep dissenting views from being published.  We also know from the same e-mails that editors can be bullied by determined activists.

In any case, the peer-review process can easily be slanted by the editor, who usually selects the reviewers.  And some editors misuse their position to advance their personal biases.”

consensusWe are reminded of the dangers of consensus science in the past. For example, in the 18th century, more British sailors died of scurvy than died in battle. In this disease, brought on by a lack of vitamin C, the body loses its ability to manufacture collagen, and gums and other tissues bleed and disintegrate. These deaths were especially tragic because many sea captains and some ships’ doctors knew, based on observations early in the century, that fresh vegetables and citrus cured scurvy.

Nonetheless, the British Admiralty’s onshore Sick and Health Board of scientists and physicians (somewhat akin to the current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) global-warming-is-a-hoaxdismissed this evidence for more than 50 years because it did not fit their consensus theory that putrefaction (or internal decay) caused scurvy, which they felt could be cured by fresh air, exercise and laxatives.

Since 1998, more than 31,000 American scientists from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with Ph.D.s, have signed a public petition announcing their belief that “…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Included are atmospheric physicists, botanists, geologists, oceanographers, and meteorologists.

“We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts,”

john_kerryKerry told the audience gathered at a U.S. Embassy-run American Center in a Jakarta shopping mall.

“Nor should we allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits.”

This is part of a six-day Kerry trip through Seoul, South Korea; Beijing, China; Jakarta; Indonesia; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, then back to Washington.

In case you’re wondering, flying first class from Washington to Seoul to Beijing to Jakarta to Abu Dhabi and then back to Washington runs up roughly 12.16 metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to, which uses data from the EPA and Department of Energy.

The average American generates about 19 tons of carbon dioxide in a year. So in one idiots_guide_to_global_warmingweek, just from flying from meeting to meeting, Kerry generated about two-thirds the carbon output of the average American in one year.

Clearly, he should cut down on the air travel and set an example for the rest of us. After all, we shouldn’t “allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits.”


Fred Singer trained as an atmospheric physicist and is known for his work in space research, atmospheric pollution, rocket and satellite technology, his questioning of the link between UV-B and melanoma rates, and that betweenCFCs and stratospheric ozone loss,[2] his public denial of the health risks of passive smoking, and as an outspoken critic of the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming. He is the author or editor of several books including Global Effects of Environmental Pollution (1970), The Ocean in Human Affairs (1989), Global Climate Change (1989), The Greenhouse Debate Continued (1992), and Hot Talk, Cold Science (1997). He has also co-authored Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years (2007) with Dennis Avery, andClimate Change Reconsidered (2009) with Craig Idso.


Before Jimmy Fallon, there was the “king of late night”

jimmy-fallonTonight, Jimmy Fallon, takes over the hosting spot on the Tonight Show. He’s an incredible talent and the perfect choice for a younger generation. Some are likening Fallon to Johnny Carson, who hosted the Tonight Show for 30 yrs, from 1962 to 1992. I actually think Jimmy Fallon will be even greater than Carson because IMHO he is more versatile–he’s often so “off the wall” and his musical bits and impersonations are hysterically funny. As Fallon settles into the well-worn chair of the Tonight Show, there is another sense in which I hope he never becomes like Johnny Carson.

I’ve just finished Johnny Carson, by Henry Bushkin, who was Carson’s lawyer, wingman, fixer, confident and best friend. Bushkin has written a revealing account of one of the most johnny_carsonpopular, celebrated entertainers of the 20th century. For many years, he was the highest paid entertainer ever, he was the king of late-night. Johnny was also the most enigmatic, complex, mercurial person to ever dominate the television landscape.

On camera, Carson was charming and witty, but off-stage, he could be petty, vindictive and downright mean. He became a man who was full of himself with a huge ego that had to be stroked constantly by Bushkin and others. There is one story among many which reveals Johnny’s out-of-control narcissism even to the point of becoming despotic. The author, along with his companion at the time, Mary Hart (from

Johnny and Joanne Carson

Johnny and Joanne Carson

Entertainment Tonight) and Johnny and his 4th wife, Alex, were vacationing on a chartered yacht in the Mediterranean. They stopped at a small island near Cannes for dinner. The yacht captain booked them a table for dinner. The captain handed Johnny a walkie talkie (this was several years before cell phones came on the scene), and said “We will be waiting here at eleven-thirty to bring you back to the yacht, but if you have any change in plans, call us.” Johnny then hands off the walkie-talkie to Bushkin who reluctantly accepted it. He told the ship’s crew to come back at two o’clock so that he and Mary could enjoy the sights a bit longer.

The author writes, “We headed back a little before two. As we neared the dock, we could see several people standing by the yacht’s tender, and one was Johnny….I thought to myself, what is going on? Before I could say anything, the captain of the ship was blurting out his apologies. “Mr. Bushkin, I have told Mr. Carson that I was very sorry that I was six minutes late in arriving, but he refuses to accept my regrets.”

Johnny snarled an expletive and said, “I didn’t pay $150,000 to have you late in picking me Carson Mcmahonup. We will be leaving the boat tomorrow morning. Call you headquarters and have them arrange a flight from Nice to Los Angeles for the five of us. I will not stay on this boat any longer.”

Bushkin writes, “I was dumbfounded. We all were. Johnny had actually arrived at the dock five minutes early, five minutes before the tender was scheduled to arrive. He refused all efforts to get him to lighten up. He just sat there and fumed for three hours. We spent the next couple hours in the saloon of the yacht trying to reason with Johnny. By four a.m., he was willing to accept a new captain. Henry Bushkin writes, “That was the last vacation I took with Johnny.”

johnny carson people magJohnny Carson was a deeply flawed individual and you can’t hold that against him because we all go through life with certain degrees of brokenness. It’s a rare person who can’t admit to having any flaws. But at the root of Johnny’s neurosis was his mother, Ruth, a cold, distant woman who was immune to all of Johnny’s charms. She would never utter a complement or ever acknowledge Johnny’s success at anything in life. The night before that incident on the yacht, Johnny admitted to Henry, “I don’t have much talent for happiness. I never have. My mother saw to that.” Throughout his entire life, Carson suffered from having been raised by a cold, affectionless mother. The author reveals Johnny Carson as a little boy inside a grown man’s body, who was never loved and never really felt like he was accepted by his own mother. He spent his entire life trying to please his mom and seeking her approval.

As I read this candid, revealing account of Johnny’s life, I wish Johnny could have known johnny_carson4that there was one who truly loved him just the way he was, with all his brokenness and faults. I wish Johnny could have known that Jesus died so that he could be loved and accepted by God, the Father. For his entire life, Carson sought the approval of his mother, but he could have known that God already approved of him, warts and all. God already knew that Johnny was “damaged goods” and God stood ready and willing to pour out his love upon Johnny, a love that he had never known, yet had constantly sought. He often said that he wanted to be loved for himself and he didn’t trust people and their flattery because he was so often afraid that it was disingenuous. For certain, he could trust himself to the one who created him and cared about Johnny–more than any other human being.

johnny-carson6Johnny needed a whole lot of “fixing”–we all do. We all need to be loved and accepted, just for us–not for our looks, our abilities, our fame, fortune, intellect, or what we can bring to the table. When it comes to knowing God, we need to be emptied of ourselves, because we are all so “full of it” and we need to admit that apart from Jesus, we can’t be saved. We all need a savior, and if we don’t come to Jesus, we’ll turn to something else. But as Pascal writes,

“There’s a god-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man that can only be filled by God alone, made known through his son, Jesus Christ.”

We’ve all tried to fill that emptiness with everything but Jesus. Johnny Carson tried to fill that emptiness with women, fame, fortune, talent, money, success, and alcohol, Yet, he johnnycarson5still found himself lonely and empty because he tried everything, but Jesus. Jesus could have saved Johnny, from himself, and Jesus alone could have “fixed” Johnny in a way that no one or no thing could–not all the fame or fortune or awards or adulation. Jesus is the only one who could heal Johnny Carson’s brokenness, as well as yours and mine. When all is said and done, nothing else really matters except knowing Jesus and being known by Him.

1 John 1:1-4 (NLT)
1  We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is the Word of life.
2  This one who is life itself was revealed to us, and we have seen him. And now we testify and proclaim to you that he is the one who is eternal life. He was with the Father, and then he was revealed to us.
3  We proclaim to you what we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.
4  We are writing these things so that you may fully share our joy.

Ready or not: The U.S. will become an Islamic nation.

“Allahu Akbar. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.

I have written numerous posts on Islam to such an extent that some might think I hate Muslims. I don’t at all. I love them and often pray for Muslims in different countries to come to know Jesus as the only true God.

Experts Predict: The U.S. will be an Islamic country within the next 30 yrs.

Thank Allah for little girls??

      Thank Allah for little girls??

Recently, Renee and I have been watching a series of messages by the esteemed Bible teacher, David Pawson on the Christian response to Islam. Christians can’t have a credible response to Islam until they first know who and what they believe. Dr. Pawson cites studies by experts which predict that Great Britain will be an Islamic country by the year 2025 (11 yrs from now). And, the U.S. is not far behind. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the U.S. will be an Islamic nation. Personally, I don’t think it will take that long. Everywhere you look, you can see that Islam is making inroads here in America, and almost has protected status from our media as well as our educators. In many public schools, a Christian cannot speak about his belief in Jesus but Islamic students are given ample opportunities to explain Islam under the guise of diversity and religious tolerance.

Stark Contrasts Between Islam and Christianity:

Here are a few stark contrasts between Islam and Christianity. Nowhere in the Quran is Seeking AllahAllah referred to as love or having the attribute of love. Would you want to worship a god who does not possess and demonstrate love, mercy, and forgiveness? Allah, the god of Islam, is always angry and ready to enact vengeance on all those who don’t believe in him or submit to his ways.

However, in the Bible, we read that in 1 John 4:7 that “God is love.” We also see this love demonstrated by God, the Father, offering up his son to die on the cross for the sins of the world. Here also is another place where Christianity and Islam part ways. Islam believes that there is only one God, Allah, and he is a God who is unapproachable. He gives you a set of rules to live by such as praying 5 times a day and making a pilgrimmage to Mecca at least once during your lifetime, and that’s about it. But he does not intervene in the daily affairs of his people. However, the God of the Bible, Jehovah God, made a covenant with his people and is concerned about every aspect of their lives. He hears and answers prayers. He heals, delivers, sets captives free. The God of the Bible revealed Himself to Moses as “I AM.” Whatever you have need of, “I AM.” The God of Christianity hears and answers our daily prayers, and has revealed himself to us through his son, Jesus Christ, and he has come to live within us through the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is appearing to Muslims through dreams and visions

Nabeel Qureshi, "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus"

                                Nabeel Qureshi, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

One of the awesome ways that we see YHWH, the One True God of the Bible, reaching out to Muslims is through dreams and visions. In most Islamic countries, Muslims are not allowed to read the Bible, they can’t read Christian literature, or watch Christian teaching on video. Sadly, most Muslims will never have personal contact with another Christian believer. But here is the good news! God is communicating His love to Muslims through dreams and visions. The irony is that these countries are trying to protect their people from any encounter with Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6), but they can’t keep God from entering the dreams of Muslims and revealing Himself to them while they are asleep. How awesome is that!

In the latest issue of Christianity TodayNabeel Qureshi, shares how God called him off I-Dared-to-Call-Him-Father_Bilquis-Sheikhthe Minaret, and asked him to forsake his family to follow Jesus. I encourage you to follow the above link and read the story of this young man who was from Mohammad’s tribe and while seeking to better know Allah, while in medical school here in the U.S., God spoke to him through a vision and three dreams. (Read more).

Also, you might be interested in I Dared to Call Him Father is the fascinating true story of Bilquis Sheikh, a prominent Muslim woman. Her unusual journey to a personal relationship with God turned her world upside down-and put her life in danger.

We’ve succeeded in making the Gospels ordinary and mundane

howgodbecamekingI am reading a thought-provoking book, “How God Became King:The Forgotten Story of the Gospels” by N.T. Wright, and to make a point, he relates a wonderful scene from Peter Shaffer’s play “Amadeus.” There, the cynical old court composer Salieri contrasts his own operas, telling and retelling great tales of legendary heroes but through stale and tedious music, with Mozart’s astonishing ability to take characters off the street and create something truly magical. “He has taken ordinary people,” says Salieri, “ordinary people–barbers and chambermaids–and he has made them gods and heroes. I have taken gods and heroes…and made them ordinary.”

And this is the point that Thomas Wright (an Anglican bishop and esteemed theologian) is attempting to make in his book (How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels). We have succeeded at making the Gospels ordinary, and often all we are given in Sunday sermons is a set of “talking points” or “cliff notes” from the Gospels rather than the words and life of Jesus himself. Sadly, I have to include myself in this indictment.

The purpose of Wright’s excellent book is to suggest that not only have we misread the gospels, but we have made them ORDINARY–we have cut them down to size, we interpret the life out of them rather than setting them free to generate an entire world of meaning in all directions, a new world in which we would discover anew and afresh what it means to follow Jesus.

Mozart paying obeisance to Antonio Salieri

Mozart paying obeisance to Antonio Salieri

The main point that Thomas Wright makes is that Jesus came to do MORE than just die for our sins and give us our golden ticket to heaven. For many Christians, that is the sum total of the gospel message, and in that sense, we have not really read the Gospels. Instead, we have emasculated them of all their power and glory into something that exists for our own selfish ends. Unfortunately, that’s how many of us have been brought up to read the New Testament. We read it with the mindset: “What’s in this for me?” “What does God want to do for me?” We make the gospels all about us, and not about Him.

Kingdom_of_God (1)How God Became King, challenges our presumptions and assumptions about the Gospels. The author contends that the Gospels are the story of Jesus as being Israel’s God and Savior, and how he came to establish his rightful place as King of the Jews and the King of kings. He came to earth, incarnated in human flesh, to establish the kingdom of God, which clashed with Caesar’s kingdom as well as the kingdoms of this world, and is still at odds with the kingdoms of man that we are surrounded with to this very day.

Unfortunately, we have “de-Judaized” the Gospels and instead of Jesus announcing that he has come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel as their Messiah, we somehow made it all about us. It’s not really about us, it’s about Him and his proclamation of the kingdom of God as well and his victory over sin and death on the cross, where he secured his rightful place as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Jesus raises the widow's son from the dead, Luke 7:11

Jesus raises the widow’s son from the dead, Luke 7:11

In Luke 10, when Jesus sends out the 72 disciples with the instructions to heal the sick, cast out demons and proclaim that the kingdom of God is at hand, he is informing us that this is what he intends for His church today. This wasn’t just a first-century thing, but this is the business of the Father that we need to be about today. Instead, we’ve allowed ourselves to become weighted down with way too much “churchianity.” The 21st century church is not having much impact on the world because surprisingly, we’re not as centered in the Gospels as we might think. We need to get to know our Savior who not only died for us but is reigning and ruling as King of kings, and wants us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Just as we need to go to a chiropractor for an adjustment, where he puts things back in proper place, Wright’s book, “How God Became King ” has given us a theological adjustment, a fresh perspective on how to begin to read the Gospels and see Jesus as coming to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.