In California, a “bait fish” is MORE valuable than human lives! Let them eat smelt!

In today’s WSJ, Allysia Finley interviews a grower from the Central Valley of California who central_valleyexpresses his anger and outrage over the siege that farmers and growers in the fertile central valley have come under by politicians, regulators, and environmental-terrorists.

Here’s the Cliff notes version of what’s going on:

They (the regulators and environmentalists) have taken water from the farmers to try to restore fish in a dry river. They made the farmers flood fields because they don’t flood anymore, and then paid to have owls trapped and relocated. They allow San Francisco to take water but not farmers. They refuse to build reservoirs to trap rainwater and then dump excess rainwater in the ocean, instead of using it to irrigate the farms.

The delta smelt-more valuable than human beings.

The delta smelt-more valuable than human beings.

Now the politicians and regulators are taking away the water after allowing perfectly good water to run into the ocean during a drought to save a stupid bait fish called the smelt. 

I added my two cents to the discussion on the community forum which so far has about 240 comments. Here’s my contribution to the discussion over this issue which is going to result in higher food prices (that’s really going to help the poor!):

The lunacy in California where a fish (the smelt) is considered as valuable or MORE smelt=2important than the livelihood of these farmers goes all the way back to Darwin’s theory of evolution. If you don’t believe that man was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27), and if you believe that we “evolved” from nothing (ex-nihilo–out of nothing), then man is NOT special, has no special claim on the order of species, is considered no more important than a “smelt” fish or a rat or some insect.

save_delta_smelt_'F'_the_farmersThis is the worldview of environmentalists, animal-rights’ activists, and most who subscribe to Darwin’s theory of evolution. They can’t make a case for man at the top of the food chain. He is nothing special, so that’s why they make bone-headed decisions to dump thousands of gallons of rain water run-off into the ocean (to protect a stupid fish).

It really DOES matter what you believe. Those who believe in evolution can’t make a case for the value of man as having preeminence in subduing the earth as stated in Genesis. But those who believe that God created man in his image and told him to take care of the earth and gave him the right to name the animals (which means authority OVER), KNOW that environmentalism is based on a flawed belief system that is shaking its fist at God and believes in creatures rather than the Creator, who is the Lord God Almighty!

Here is a challenge….go for a week without eating anything grown, raised, or made from products produced on a farm.



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