The Conspiracy to Snuff Out E-cigarettes

Let me go on record saying that I’ve never smoke a cigarette in my life. When I stand near a chain-smoker, I sometimes gag because they reek of nicotine. However, having said that, I will defend the right of smokers who are being marginalized as “lepers” in our present-day politically-correct culture.

Chicago has a ban on E-cigarettes in public places.

Chicago has a ban on E-cigarettes in public places.

We have the self-appointed smoke-Nazis, who have made it their business to ban cigarettes anywhere and everywhere. I live in a city that is controlled by smoke-Nazis and they have banned smoking in our city, period. These leftist-liberals in my city are just like those in Colorado, or New York City—they love exercising power and control over the lives of others. Some restaurants have gone out of business because of the smoking ban in my city. But here’s the rub: The smoke-Nazis aren’t satisfied with turning ordinary Americans into criminals for smoking, they are NOW going after those who use E-cigarettes.

e-cigarettesWe have over 40-million smokers here in the U.S. and E-cigarettes provide a potent dose of nicotine to satisfy a smoker’s craving, but also allow for the ritual of inhaling and exhaling a smoke-like mist, which is composed almost entirely of water. Most E-cigarettes have a LED-tip that glows red, but without tobacco, without combustion and without smoke. The ingredients are recognized as being safe.

E-cigarette sales have exploded over the last few years and provide a healthful transition from harmful cigarette smoking.

E-cig-nazisDespite any evidence of harm from E-cigarette vaping, there is a bizarre trend sweeping our country to enact measures to ban, restrict the sale of E-cigs or tax E-cigs as if they are actually cigarettes. Excuses being made for attacking E-cigarettes range from “We just don’t know what will happen in the next five to ten years,” to “We don’t know what’s in them.” Yet, the irony is that many leftists in cities like Denver, Boulder, Portland, or Seattle want to regulate or ban E-cigarettes but they support the use and public sale of marijuana. How can marijuana get a pass while E-cigarettes are subject to all this scrutiny and phony trumped-up concern?

Why do all these public health groups want to ban, regulate or tax E-cigarettes when the e-cig-ban2facts show that they are basically harmless? I believe that this is because they want control over almost every aspect of our lives. They want to determine what size soda you can drink, what kind of buttered popcorn you can eat. They want to mandate what kind of food your child can bring to school, and they’ve banned sodas from school vending machines. These are the same do-gooders who want to tell you where and when you can light up a cigarette and if that weren’t enough, they want to include E-cigarettes.

The misguided, public crusade by do-gooders like the American Cancer Society, the FDA, and local governments against E-cigarettes is more harmful than any E-cigarettes. It’s another effort to abridge our liberties and freedoms by the Nanny-state which has deputized themselves as your protector because they think you’re too stupid to make wise decisions, therefore they will do it for you.